Friday, November 20, 2009

carrying on.

It is almost the end of my first semester in GMI. With my crazy schedule, I'm still wondering how i am carrying on with this. Well, all in, its fun, exhausting, knowledgable, crazy, wunderbar, langweilig. LOL.

I completed my technology communication course last week.

We get free mechanical technical drawing pencils! xD
and not to mention the tools we get to use were damn cool.
Can turn how many degrees you want and so on. All of them were made in Germany. =p


Conventional milling is better since we get to deal with milling machines.

The Deckel FP1

The Kunzman!
This is like RM200k per unit man!

Some gay milling with the FP1.

after all that.

A nice little thing to make me relax. My dear Lucie. =D

And not to forget i put on weight! YAY! 50kg d i think.

Ich bin fix und fertig aber ich muss gerade aus gehen.

Ich denke zu viel.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Torture Chamber

How long has it been since i updated my blog?

Check out my timetable. Now i have Saturday classes. Great.

I did Technology Communication for the first time today.

Guess what. We learned how to write from A-Z and 0-9. LOL

Its practically all drawings. Isometric, orthographic, and so on.

Looks like i've got a long way to go.

Jiayou me,

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Noob me! Weee!

Pictures speak a thousand words, videos speak a million words. xD

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Ein Monat.

A month passes by.

My classroom.

It's been some time since i last blogged.
Been studying in college for about a month now. Getting used to hostel life.
Well, theres nothing much to do here anyways besides playing computer, study, eat, and sleep.
Classes here are not bad. A levels is O.K. so far.
Coping well with german language as well.

Heres a lil sth for you to learn =p

Besides A levels and German, we do electrical fundamental too. It's part of our practical training, a requirement for German Uni ( Fachhochshule )

Here is the work bench.

When you connect a C.R.O. to an AC current it should look like this.

This is what you get with a DC current.

Ok la..i lazy type. gotta catch up with some homework and notes.

Guten Nacht allen zu Zahlen.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Travelling spree!

Finally back home.

Went to many places this holiday.

I'll just spam pictures..

Redang Trip.


Family Pic.

Some Pancake Lover SS-ing.

More scenery.

Group Pic.

I don't have much pic from this trip..lazy grab from Joyi. ==

Next trip,

Kampar -> Hatyai -> Penang -> Ipoh -> Kampar.


Enjoy, bye~

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Im your guardian angel

Heres a new cover from me..

Too bored

Ignore the buzzing. And the MSN sound lol.

Your Guardian Angel (cover) - Edmund xD

U can rate my songs on a scale of 1~10.

lol..dont so evil la.. =p

Saturday, May 2, 2009

What a day.

Today wasn't a good day..
Overslept and missed tap class.

Then suddenly have to send sis to basketball game..

Had to go USJ 9 there..
I don't know where the hell is her friends house..
So end up rounding the area..

Then when I came to a junction..
I looked left..
No car..
Looked right..
No car.

Got MYVI infront d..
I was like.. GG..LOL

RM1.6k for this shit..

The MYVI both side door kena.. sure dam expensive one..

What to do..
Hopefully next time I'll be more careful on the road..